YouTube Play Chooses Ubiqus

Ubiqus provides a state-of-the-art personalized listening experience for over 1,000 guests at the Guggenheim Museum. YouTube launched an international search for “innovative and compelling” videos in a first-of-its-kind production called YouTube Play.

From a field of over 23,000 submitted videos, judges selected the top 25 for live display at the museum. Ubiqus deployed a 26-channel, infrared audio distribution system, giving visitors full control of their audio and visual environment. The Ubiqus system made it possible for users, each with a personal head-set, to tune in to their choice of the 25 streaming videos. For Ubiqus and a group of ten other specialized companies, it was a three-day installation process complete with set design, construction, installation, testing, and live implementation. For the viewers, it was as simple as matching a number on the YouTube video wall to a channel on their receivers.

The project was an awe-inspiring success, and visitors thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience. 

Read more to learn about the event.


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