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Video content has become a staple in today’s world. From traditional television programs to social media, live streaming online, and video-sharing sites, businesses and individuals everywhere are leveraging this powerful medium to reach diverse audiences far and wide. With globalization on the rise, content creators are increasing their use of video captions more than ever before and taking them a step further by making them available in different languages with subtitles. Also known as foreign language video captions, subtitles make it possible to engage your most important international audiences in their native languages while also ensuring that your content is discoverable in searches that occur in foreign languages across search platforms. With Ubiqus’ professional subtitling services, you can achieve this and more!

As translation and localization experts, we seamlessly navigate the obstacles presented by speaker dialects, cultural references, plays on words, colloquialisms, idomatic phrases, and complex subject matters – and we do it in 130+ languages

Some benefits of adding subtitles to your videos include:

  • Making content accessible to your targeted international audiences
  • Opening up your content to a wider global audience
  • Heightening user comprehension of your message
  • Improving search engine optimization
  • Increasing your multicultural appeal


Whether you’re a marketer planning to reach overseas markets, a global workforce development professional customizing videos for staff abroad, a creative agency producing content online for your clients, or an individual in any field, make sure that all of your audiences benefit from your messages by taking advantage of subtitles!




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