What formats can I send you to translate?

We accept text, audio and video in all formats. Ship your tapes or upload your files—we will work with any format.


How do you price translations?

Text-to-text translations are priced per word. If the document you want to translate is in an electronic format, we can usually give you an exact price by counting the words electronically. We count the words in the original, or source, language and multiply that by a price per source word. Thus, you will know the total cost of your translation before you agree to start working with us. If your document is hardcopy only or a scan that does not enable the words to be counted electronically, we will quote translation work based on the number of words in the target language. In these cases, we can only provide an estimate of the word count: the final price will depend on how many words the translation contains.

Audio-to-text translations are priced by hour of audio, rather than by word. When talking at a normal and consistent pace in English, people utter approximately 9,000 words per hour. However, depending on the target language, this word count can vary widely. Therefore, we do not assume a price based on the amount of expected words. Usually, this form of translation is less costly than text-to-text translations.


Which languages do you translate?

Throughout the world today there are over 5,000 languages. Over time, and through our domestic and overseas offices, we have built extensive networks of translators. We are currently translating from and into over 130 languages, comprising a vast majority of written languages needed by companies for successful international communications. However, if you have a document in a less commonly used language, we are always willing to use our resources to locate a professional translator in that language or dialect.


What is the average turnaround time for translations?

In most cases we can honor our usual turnaround time of 3-5 business days. Depending on the size of your project, the language(s) requested and the subject matter, we will work with you to establish a reasonable deadline that meets your needs and enables us to deliver the highest quality translation.