Ubiqus Translation Services


Information Security & Services, Digital Marketing, E-Learning

Our services for companies in the digital media and e-commerce industries include technology solutions for handling complex code and content. Under the supervision of our experienced project managers, these solutions will be integrated with the work of our expert linguists, thereby ensuring the consistency and accuracy of marketing campaigns, user documentation, licensing agreements in foreign languages, as well as the functionality of electronic interface elements and web components.

  • A Look Into How It's Done

In order to facilitate projects for digital media and e-Commerce companies, Ubiqus has developed proprietary filters, macros and plug-ins to accelerate the text extraction process, while optimizing compatibility with Translation Memory software and automating the re-insertion of translated text within the original file format. During text extraction we identify and isolate all translatable content within complex web code, while preserving all the formatting elements so that, once translations are completed, foreign language text can be re-inserted into the source code and localized versions of web applications will have the same appearance as the English original.

When text is extracted properly, all content requiring translation will be compatible with Translation Memory software, and copy can be translated by our professional linguists and reviewed by your internal review teams using standard word-processing applications such as MS Word. By using this tool you will attain consistent terminology usage across all company-wide communications, and your translation budget will be minimized, as will the time-to-market of your multilingual e-Commerce applications.

Specialized Services:
Certified Translation
Translatability Assessment / Cultural Adaptation
Glossary & Style Guide Creation
Implementation of Translation Memory Software

We excel in translating:
Static and Dynamically-Generated Web Content
E-commerce Applications / User Interface & Graphic Elements
E-learning Modules & Multimedia Training Materials
Marketing Research Surveys Developed in XML or Proprietary Coding
Digital Marketing Materials
Information Security Policies & Compliance Requirements
Licensing Agreements

Ubiqus combines its expert linguists with sophisticated value-added services in order to assist with the conversion of e-Learning courses into foreign languages. Under the supervision of our expert project managers, our team assures the successful delivery of localized content in all required media formats for e-Learning modules featuring numerous integrated components.

From mapping and deconstructing modules to localizing all components of the course — including translation, graphics localization, Flash localization, voiceovers and subtitling — to reconstructing and testing, Ubiqus will provide a superior level of service to create a positive customer experience and make certain that your products function as advertised on a global level.

Specialized Services:
Extraction & Analysis (assessing all course components)
Audio/Video Solutions (selection of voice talent, time-coding/syncing)
Localization of Flash & Shockwave Files / Other Graphic Elements
Linguistic & Functional Testing of Assembled Course

Effectively conveying your intended message goes beyond simply providing accurate translations; professional multi-language page layout services are required to address issues such as font encoding, text concatenation, text expansion and contraction, and document reorientation for right-to-left reading languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. We will also ensure that elements such images, icons, buttons and animated graphics are appropriately presented in foreign languages.

Ubiqus’ seasoned page layout professionals have experience in all graphics applications, and we can work in every written language supported by computers today to ensure an optimized look, with maximum efficiency, for any project.

Specialized Services:
Desktop Publishing & Typesetting (PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, InDesign, etc.)
Localization of Flash & Shockwave Files / E-learning Modules
Visual Adaptation / Colors & Use of Images
Audio/Video Solutions, Voiceovers & Subtitling

For web-based projects, Ubiqus combines linguistic resources, expert project management, and technical knowledge in terminology management and web-specific workflow tools to provide technically accurate, linguistically consistent and programmatically-correct foreign-language sites.

Ubiqus’ expert staff of highly-trained web localization-specialists has experience with all types of online content. From internationalization consulting and content extraction to the localization of graphics and the validation and testing of websites, we will craft solutions and services that will maximize the effectiveness of your online presence.

Specialized Services:
Internationalization Analysis & Reporting
Localization of Web Graphics (icons, buttons, navigation, etc.)
Extraction of Text within Markup Languages (HTML, XML, SGML, etc.)
Integration of Translation Memory Software
Code Quality Assurance & Functional Test Plan
In-Context Review

“Well, I must say, ‘If only every vendor we work with was as professional as you are…’ Thank you for your email and the detailed explanations. I conducted a quick test on the Chinese HTML file and you are right, this is related to the user`s browser settings. I am glad that we resolved the keyword dilemma and I`m looking forward to seeing everything in the portal environment.”
Gulsah B., Manager of Web Communications at a manufacturing firm

“Thank you so much for all your support for the Release 5.7. I just wanted to let you know that we finished our upgrade of the application and I really appreciate your team`s great work on the strings for translation. I am eager to work with you on the upcoming releases.”
Luminita C., Global Technology at a financial services firm

“Again, I would like to congratulate translators on their perfect work. It`s really difficult to translate a document with a combination of information systems and legal and security terms.”
Yuri R., E-learning division at a medical device manufacturer