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Marketing Research is a state-of-the-art management science. Researchers survey employees, customers, and prospects to determine what works and what needs to be changed to improve employee and customer satisfaction… and, ultimately, your bottom line. Ubiqus has a time-tested combination of highly experienced staff, carefully vetted resources, and proven quality systems in place to ensure accurate translation of your research materials into over 130 languages.

  • A Look Into How It's Done

Sophisticated research goes into creating survey questions and translating these questions correctly requires an understanding of the nuanced objectives of the survey, the key terms that are used in various ways throughout the survey, and the shared relationship between the survey questions and their impact on survey results. Through years of working with research firms, Ubiqus has created teams of linguists that understand these nuances, and, therefore can produce translations that enable you to capture meaningful results.

We excel in translating:
Web Surveys: Multiple Platforms, Including Confirmit & mrTranslate
Telephone Surveys: CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing)
Face-to-Face Surveys: CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) & PAPI (Paper & Pencil Interviewing)
Open-Ended Responses: Validation & Translation
Product & Concept Research
Focus Groups / In-Depth Interviewing: Interpretation & Transcription
Cultural Analysis of Survey Results

Conducting research involves many time-consuming steps and Ubiqus has worked diligently over the years to minimize the cycle time required for the translation process. Because of the varied media through which research surveys are conducted, we have developed our workflow around industry-standard tools (e.g., Confirmit, mrTranslate) and proprietary file formats used by research specialists.

After determining the specific requirements of each project during the client consultation phase, our localization-engineering specialists extract translatable text from your files, while leaving all formatting tags intact. After completing our ISO 9001:2008-certified process using translation memory tools, completed translations will be re-inserted into the online, print, and audio formats originally supplied. As a final step, we test the functionality of your online survey and ensure that all translations are correct in context.

Effectively implementing multi-language surveys requires professional desktop publishing and page layout services to ensure that the complete range of survey materials — from survey forms to training materials and client reports — are appropriately presented in foreign languages. Ubiqus’ skilled page layout professionals have experience with PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, and Adobe Creative Suite (including InDesign) in full. We work in every written language supported by computers today in order to ensure a culturally-appropriate look with maximum efficiency on any project.

The key to devising and implementing solutions that integrate most easily with the survey process is the consultative approach taken by our client relationship teams and project managers. These professionals take time to gain an in-depth understanding of the detailed specifications related to your survey and provide recommendations for achieving the most efficient and cost-effective practices. Often, the solution involves a combination of proprietary filters to separate translatable text from formatting tags, while ensuring suitability for insertion into a translation memory database and, thereby, enabling us to leverage terminology frequently used within a single survey and/or across multiple surveys.

With over 80,000 translation projects successfully completed, Ubiqus has the breadth of industry expertise to produce translations of marketing research surveys, open-ended questions, and summary reports that are of the highest quality.

“If I haven`t said so before, I really appreciate all the hard work you`ve put into this project. I truly enjoy working with all of you… because you are so dedicated to your jobs and to providing a quality product for us. Not to mention that you go above and beyond by proofing previous translations and finding errors that we didn`t know existed. Thank you again for your hard work and superior customer service. You have been wonderful to work with on this project.”
Bridgette B., Project Coordinator at a marketing research firm