Ubiqus Translation Services

Government & Non-Profit

Public Sector, NGOs, Arts Agencies, Educational Institutes, Museums

Translating for the public sector, cultural institutions and international agencies requires the same rigor as needed in commercial translations, but with a strong focus on the specific mission underlying each organization, and an awareness of the groups each organization is dedicated to serving. Our linguistic and project-management specialists are ready to help communicate your mission to all of your global stakeholders.

  • A Look Into How It's Done

Public sector entities, NGOs, arts groups and educational/cultural institutions must serve the needs of constituents with diverse language and cultural backgrounds. To ensure that all stakeholders have access to critical information, Ubiqus offers a time-tested combination of highly-experienced staff, carefully-vetted resources and proven quality systems to ensure the effectiveness of your message in over 130 languages.

For every client, Ubiqus assembles a foreign-language team comprised of experienced relationship managers, project managers, translators, editors and proofreaders, all of whom understand the unique challenges of translating culturally-nuanced, sensitive information. All Ubiqus team members are hand-selected based on your needs, continuously tested and trained, and offer a wealth of experience based on hundreds of specialized projects.

Specialized Services:
Certified Translation
Translatability Assessment & Cultural Adaptation
Glossary & Style Guide Creation
Implementation of Translation Memory Software
Certified Back Translation
Translation Review / Validation & Copyediting

We excel in translating:
Membership Newsletters
Economic Development / Financial Reports
Explanation of Programs
Exhibit Descriptions & Brochures
Human Resources Notices / Wage Information
Public Notices & Community Updates
Informational Websites
Advocacy documents
Fundraising Invitations & Correspondence

No matter the Desktop Publishing application or target language you are working with, Ubiqus has the experience, software and font solutions in place to ensure that the look and feel of your message is conveyed properly. Whether you require basic formatting of bilingual newsletters, or multimedia, multinational campaigns involving print, web and television, Ubiqus will ensure that your typeset content is presented in a culturally appropriate manner that accurately represents your organization and reflects your mission.

Ubiqus’ team of highly-trained page layout professionals has experience in all graphics applications, from MS Word and PowerPoint to QuarkXPress and InDesign. We can work in every written language supported by computers today, and we use the right combination of human talent and translation technologies to ensure an optimized look, with maximum efficiency, for any project.

Specialized Services:
Desktop Publishing & Typesetting (PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, InDesign, etc.)
Localization of Flash & Shockwave Files / E-learning Modules
Visual Adaptation / Image Search & Replacement
Audio/Video Solutions, Voiceovers & Subtitling
Transcription / Time-Coding

Complementing our range of document translation services are highly-qualified consecutive interpreters, selected based on subject-matter expertise, language competency and interpreting skills. We work only with the most experienced, bilingual, court-certified interpreters who will integrate seamlessly into your venue or environment. For assignments requiring simultaneous interpreting assignments, Ubiqus can also coordinate the provision of interpreting equipment, such as soundproof booths, wireless headsets and escort interpreting devices.

Ensuring the consistency and accuracy of foreign-language adaptations across various media platforms is critical to communicating with your constituents. In addition to preserving your image and voice across all languages, Ubiqus provides technology services which ensure that delivery is effectively implemented on web, TV and radio.

Specialized Services:
Audio & Video Production
Voiceover & Narration Casting union & non-union talent)
Bilingual Supervision
Transcription & Time-Coding

A wide range of public sector and non-profit entities trusts Ubiqus to effectively convey their communication with stakeholders.

“…We used them to translate some of the training materials for foster parents and they did an excellent job. The turnaround time was great. The services were very professional. In fact, they checked every resource listed to make sure the information was current… also checked to see if the resource websites had information in Spanish, etc. Amazing!”
Tracey L., Advocacy Project Coordinator at a foster care agency

“…Always meets our needs for translation and localization quickly and accurately, with great attention to detail and quality assurance. I’d recommend them to anyone needing reliable translations.”
John O., Publications Manager, Center for Global Development

“Amazing work! Please pass on my compliments to both the French and the German translators. I am especially impressed by the attention to detail, the painstaking translations of the tables and diagrams, and the research you did on terms and structures that pertain specifically to the school system in Zimbabwe. I can do nothing but sing your praises. Thank you also for the side notes in the German translation that are welcome indications to corrections to the source document…”
Tozi Madzima, Designer specialized in interior architecture, needing translation for research on a new community-based school in Zimbabwe