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The technical and sensitive nature of medical, pharmaceutical, and other scientific translations demands the utmost quality-mindedness. With this in mind, Ubiqus’ quality management system accommodates the complex needs of clients in this highly-regulated life sciences industry. From preparation and validation of submissions to R&D and labeling, Ubiqus will ensure that your organization continues to impact quality of life – on a global scale – across medicinal, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food, device manufacturing, and other branches of natural and biological science.

Based on our long-standing relationships with professionals in your industry, we know what it takes to help you weather the regulatory climate with regard to the FDA, EMA, and other governing bodies.

  • A Look Into How It's Done

For pharmaceutical firms, medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers, translation accuracy is paramount. As dictated by our ISO 9001:2015-certified project-management process, every translation undergoes a rigorous three-step process involving a translator, editor and proofreader (three professional linguists per project, per language), each of whom must have expertise in the terminology and technology unique to your industry. With recent certification in the additional ISO 13485:2016 standard, Ubiqus ensures translations that will help you meet regulatory requirements and achieve your business objectives.

Specialized Services:
Certified Translation
Translatability Assessment / Cultural Adaptation
Glossary & Style Guide Creation
Implementation of Translation Memory Software
Certified Back Translation
Cultural Consulting & Analysis

We excel in translating:
Patient Product Information (PPIs) / Prescribing Information (PIs)
Packaging Inserts (IFUs & DFUs) / Labels
User/Operational Manuals & Reference Guides
Brochures, Print Advertisements
Clinical Research & Clinical Trial Materials
Press Releases & Investor Relations Materials
Patient-Education Materials
Licensing Agreements
Technical Standards & Material Specifications
Scientific & Technical Articles
Research Protocols
Summary of Benefits & Benefits at a Glance (BAAGs)
Disclaimers & Disclosures & Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)
Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) & Evidence of Coverage (EOC)
Informed Consent Materials
Human Resources Policies / Training & SOPs

Accurately conveying your intended message goes beyond just providing ISO-certified translations; professional multi-language page layout services are also required to ensure that the wide range of technical documents, patient-education materials, product labeling and packaging, and other marketing materials are appropriately presented in foreign languages. Once typesetting has been completed, we will conduct internally a minimum of two rounds of Quality Assurance (QA): linguistic QA and graphic proofreading, each step conducted by two independent, highly-trained quality specialists.

Ubiqus’ staff of skilled page layout professionals has experience in all typesetting and graphic applications, and we can work in every written language supported by computers today to ensure an optimized look, with maximum efficiency, for any project.

Specialized Services:
Desktop Publishing & Typesetting (PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, InDesign, etc.)
Localization of Flash & Shockwave Files/E-learning Modules
Visual Adaptation/Image Search & Replacement
Audio/Video Solutions, Voiceovers & Subtitling

For web-based projects, Ubiqus combines linguistic resources, expert project management and technical knowledge in terminology management and web-specific workflow tools, to provide scientifically accurate, linguistically-consistent and programmatically-correct foreign-language sites.

Ubiqus’ expert web-localization specialists have experience in all types of online content. From internationalization consulting and content extraction to the localization of graphics, and validation and testing of websites, we will craft solutions and services that will maximize the effectiveness of your online presence.

Specialized Services:
Internationalization Analysis & Reporting
Localization of Web Graphics (icons, buttons, navigation, etc.)
Extraction of Text within Markup Languages (HTML, XML, SGML, etc.)
Integration of Translation Memory Software
Code Quality Assurance & Functional Test Plan
In-Context Review

Our ISO-certified Quality Management System has been instrumental in enabling Ubiqus to complete projects for and maintain long-lasting partnerships with leading firms in the Life Sciences industry.

“Everything worked out perfectly; thank you so much. The Word document that you provided with all languages, including the newly added ones, alphabetically ordered and formatted, helped me out immensely. This new IFU has been approved, printed, and is now being circulated in many countries. Thanks again for your help. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and everyone else…”
Lisa V., Regulatory Specialist at a medical device manufacturer

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I know that there are a lot of details — but the bottom line is we think you and your company are an amazing resource — and I just wanted to thank you personally for making my job easier.”
Rachel K., Technical Communications Manager at a medical device manufacturer

“…You are the best! We really appreciate the extra effort you put into your work.”
Rob N., Account Executive at a pharmaceutical advertising agency