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To effectively represent clients on complex international matters, law firms need a translation partner who understands the legal business: patents, corporate governance, M&A, litigation and general commercial transactions. Ubiqus has continuously developed its linguistic and project-management expertise and service offerings with the goal of providing seamless, confidential support to law firms and in-house counsel.

  • A Look Into How It's Done

Based on our years of experience working with paralegals and litigation support managers, we understand that law firms must adapt their workflow and case-management practices on short notice to adapt to the changing environment in which they represent international clients. Our dedicated project managers are familiar with the nuances of legal transactions, and they will craft a solution to effectively meet the foreign-language requirements of any international legal matter.

During the client consultation phase, we are quick to understand each project’s unique requirements in order to choose, from our wide range of specialized legal service offerings, the process that is right for you. Once a solution is chosen, Ubiqus will mobilize subject-matter translation experts, each of whom is bound by strict Confidentiality Agreements and who is available on short notice — to meet aggressive and reliable turnaround times — without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

As dictated by our ISO 9001:2008-certified project management process, Ubiqus offers certified translation services, which means that every translation undergoes a rigorous three-step process involving a translator, editor and proofreader (three professional linguists per project, per language), each of whom must be native speakers of the target language involved and must have relevant industry expertise. This level of service is recommended for situations in which documents will be submitted either to a court, or directly to a client without further review or editing.

When there is a large document collection that must be translated, particularly during the discovery process or to just simply understand the general gist of the material, we recommend our For Information Purposes Only (FIPO) translation service. FIPO is very effective for quickly obtaining translations that will be undergoing attorney review, and the cost is typically 15% below that of a certified translation. This process includes translation by a professional translator, followed by a fact check to ensure that there is no missing text. Should documents ultimately be needed for court submission, they can be returned to us for editing, final proofreading and certification.

During the initial stages of a litigation matter, our clients are often presented with significant document collections that must be reviewed and prioritized in accordance with their relevance. Ubiqus offers a variety of services to assist with this process, including supplying translators on-site to assist with the review and abstracting process. A less expensive solution would be to provide the entire document collection to us, using our linguistic team to provide bibliographic data or abstracts of each document.

Specialized Services:
On-Site Document Translation
Audio / Video Transcription
Summarization / Data & Information Mining
Encoding / Imaging

Complementing our range of document translation services, Ubiqus also provides highly-qualified consecutive interpreters that are selected based on subject-matter expertise, language competency and interpreting skills. We work only with the most experienced, bilingual, court-certified interpreters who are familiar with legal settings and who will integrate seamlessly into your venue or environment. For assignments requiring simultaneous interpretation services, Ubiqus can also coordinate the provision of interpretation equipment, such as soundproof booths, wireless headsets and escort interpreting devices.

Having completed over 100,000 projects, Ubiqus has been entrusted with time-sensitive, confidential materials by nearly every major law firm.

“… I wanted to drop you a quick note to say that we have received comments from 3 sets of foreign counsel (China, Greece and Austria). All three have commented on the strength and accuracy of the translations (which is a compliment that I personally have not heard from them before). So, thank you to you and your team from us.”
Andrew B., Associate at a law firm

“… I cannot thank you and your team enough for your swift and fine help on the English-Portuguese/Portuguese-English translations. We could not have done this without you, and we are grateful.”
Janis B., Partner at a law firm

“Your firm has solidified itself in my mind, as well as most of the attorneys and legal assistants working on the CDR matter, as being the “Go To” firm since you always seem to come through in clutch situations. For that, I thank you.”
Salvatore P., Litigation Coordinator at a law firm