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Based on our experience with leading industrial firms, we know that the manufacturing sector is alive and well… and in need of technical translation services regarding the licensing, packaging, distribution, and safety training for sophisticated products and machinery. That’s where our linguistic and project management expertise come into play.

  • A Look Into How It's Done

At Ubiqus, we know that language is a vehicle for your business driven by subject matter knowledge. As dictated by our ISO 9001:2008-certified project management process, every translation undergoes a rigorous three-step process involving a translator, editor, and proofreader (three professional linguists per project, per language), each of whom must have expertise in the technical terminology and technology unique to your industry. Through years of experience working with a wide variety of  industrial and manufacturing companies, we ensure translations that are aligned with your business objectives.

Specialized Services:
Certified Translation
Translatability Assessment & Cultural Adaptation
Glossary & Style Guide Creation
Implementation of Translation Memory Software
Certified Back Translation
Translation Review / Validation & Copyediting

We excel in translating:
Product Packaging & Inserts
Codes of Conduct
Web Content
Service Manuals
Safety Training Materials
Press Releases & Print Advertisements
Podcasts, Webcasts & Radio Spots
Licensing Agreements
Technical Standards & Materials Specifications
Patents & Regulatory Documentation
Human Resources Policies / Training & SOPs

Terminology management tools are essential to our work with industrial and manufacturing firms, as we are able to maintain and re-use a large library of client-approved translated terms that appear in product catalogs, user instructions, and material safety data sheets. Carefully selected by our experienced project managers, a team of professional linguists works together using glossaries, style guides, and translation memory databases to manage your entire document collection. Through the use of these tools, consistent terminology usage is attained across all enterprise-wide communications, while your translation budget is minimized and your time-to-market with new materials is accelerated in over 130 languages.

No matter what desktop publishing software or target language you are working with, Ubiqus has the experience, software, and font solutions in place to ensure that the look and feel of your materials are precisely conveyed. Whether you require basic formatting of bilingual product data or global multi-media campaigns, Ubiqus will ensure that your typeset content is presented in a culturally appropriate manner that maintains your brand’s integrity and adheres to your technical standards.

Ubiqus’ staff of highly trained page layout professionals has experience in all graphics programs, from MS Word and PowerPoint to QuarkXPress and InDesign. We work in every written language supported by computers today and use the right combination of human talent and technology to ensure a polished appearance with maximum efficiency on any project.

Specialized Services:
Desktop Publishing & Typesetting (PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, InDesign, etc.)
Localization of Flash & Shockwave Files / E-learning Modules
Visual Adaptation / Colors & Use of Images
Audio/Video Solutions, Voiceovers & Subtitling

For web-based projects, Ubiqus combines linguistic resources, project management expertise, and technical knowledge to deliver technically accurate, linguistically consistent, and programmatically correct foreign-language digital assets.

Ubiqus’ expert staff of highly trained web localization specialists has experience with all types of online content. From internationalization consulting and content extraction to graphics localization and website validation, we craft solutions that improve the effectiveness of your online presence.

Specialized Services:
Internationalization Analysis & Reporting
Localization of Web Graphics (icons, buttons, navigation, etc.)
Extraction of Text within Markup Languages (HTML, XML, SGML, etc.)
Integration of Translation Memory Software
Code Quality Assurance & Functional Test Plan
In-Context Review

Ubiqus has successfully completed over 80,000 translation projects, many of which were for clients in the Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, Packaging, Manufacturing, Engineering, Transportation and Logistics, Aviation, and Industrial Equipment sectors.

“Thanks for everything you are doing to help us move this process along… I know we have made this very difficult for your team, but you are helping us in a marvelous way. Thanks again.”
Linda C., Senior Manager, e-Marketing department at a manufacturing company

“Thank you again for all of your… help with this project. I could not have met my deadline without you!”
Ryan C., Communications Coordinator for a consumer packaging company