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Travel and tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and capturing global market share requires building a brand with a consistent, reliable message and image for customers everywhere. From internal communications, including training materials and employee guidelines, to external communications such as websites, brochures and print ads, our linguistic and project management experts ensure your voice is communicated consistently across all markets, and that customer expectations are satisfied.

  • A Look Into How It's Done

Companies in the travel, tourism and entertainment industries must reach a diverse customer base, including local patrons with varied cultural backgrounds, and tourists from around the world. Ubiqus helps capitalize on the significant purchasing power of these individuals by maintaining a unified and consistent voice across all forms of marketing materials and media formats, while also meeting the foreign-language requirements of financial, legal, human resources and regulatory affairs departments.

To facilitate your goals, Ubiqus employs an ISO 9001:2008-Certified Translation process involving no fewer than three independent language professionals — a translator, editor and proofreader — all with subject-matter expertise and experience on thousands of projects related to travel and tourism. From promotional materials, including brochures, menus and in-room collateral, to materials intended for your global workforce, and as support for internal counsel, our specialized team offers the requisite cultural sensitivity and linguistic expertise in over 100 languages.

Specialized Services:
Certified Translation
Translatability Assessment / Cultural Adaptation
Glossary & Style Guide Creation
Implementation of Translation Memory Software
Translation Review / Validation & Copyediting
Certified Back Translation

We excel in translating:
Branding & Promotional Materials
Property Collateral
Corporate Training Materials
Contracts & Licensing Agreements
Video Broadcasts
Brochures, Flyers & Signage
Print Advertisements & Taglines
TV & Radio Spots
Focus Group Materials
Employee Communications / Internal Marketing Communications
Press Releases & Investor Relations Materials
Customer & Employee Surveys
Codes of Conduct / Human Resources Policies

To effectively build market share, marketing materials require more than just a literal translation — they must be adapted to create a compelling message to customers with diverse language and cultural backgrounds. Since 1993, Ubiqus has been partnering with marketing departments and creative agencies to adapt marketing campaigns which truly speak to a global audience in their language, resulting in enhanced visibility, client base and market share, while maintaining a client’s brand integrity and image.

Our specialized Translatability Assessment is specifically designed to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. During this process, our Account Management team reviews English content to address such issues as the use of acronyms, the possible creation of in-language qualifiers, the overall cultural sensitivity of the original English content, and any possible culturally relevant enhancements that could be made to the source text prior to adaptation. Not only does this step provide clients with a fresh, new look at their collateral materials from a foreign-language perspective, but it also avoids awkward/inappropriate cultural adaptations, multiple rounds of review by client reviewers, and costly, additional alterations which may not have been originally included in your translation budget.

Once translations are approved, we will create foreign-language versions of marketing materials that are visually compelling to all target markets. Our seasoned page layout professionals will provide an assessment of the layout and images used in your training and marketing materials in order to enhance their cultural appropriateness and ensure they are suitable for specific ethnic markets. Additionally, issues such as tracking, leading, kerning, text expansion and contraction, reorientation of layout for right-to-left reading languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, and the creation of PDFs with embedded fonts and fillable form fields and/or formatting for the visually impaired will be assessed and addressed based on each document type, and on branding requirements.

Specialized Services:
Desktop Publishing & Typesetting (PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, InDesign, etc.)
Localization of Flash & Shockwave Files / E-learning Modules
Visual Adaptation / Colors & Use of Images

Ensuring the consistency and accuracy of foreign-language adaptations across various multimedia platforms is critical to communicating with local and international customers. In addition to preserving your brand image and voice across all languages, Ubiqus provides technology services to ensure the delivery is effectively implemented on web, TV and radio.

Specialized Services:
Audio & Video Production
Voiceover & Narration Casting (union & non-union talent)
Bilingual Supervision
Transcription & Time-Coding

Our expertise has led to the successful completion of over 80,000 challenging translation projects, and our experience includes work for hundreds of firms in the travel, tourism and entertainment industries.

“I really appreciate your excellent service. I was impressed with the fact that the production person who worked with my InDesign file knew to add a layer for the Chinese, while leaving the rest of the file as provided. While I only handle a few translation jobs per year, I`ll always send them to you and your team…”
Scott F., Visual Communications at a hotel/resort company

“We are increasingly astounded by how good you guys are at this. Thank you again for the translatability assessment.”
Natalia M., Editorial Assistant at an entertainment production company