Video Caption Services for Every Industry

Professional Caption Services for Online Video Content, Channels, & More

Organizations and individual content creators across industries are making video the go-to communication medium to reach their audiences in today’s world. These videos are key, but to maximize their impacts, it’s important to make them accessible and engaging to viewers in more than one way and to ensure that they’re discoverable across search engines. With Ubiqus’ professional video caption services, you can achieve just that!

Since we’re experts at navigating the obstacles presented by speaker accents, complex subject matters, and audio interference, we’ll ensure that your video captions are synchronized word-for-word with the highest degrees of accuracy. Adding to the visual experience, we’ll work with you to customize font, color, timing, and positioning; they can also be applied in your preferred format, whether embedded in the videos themselves or a multitude of accommodating formats.

Some benefits of adding captions to your videos include:

  • Giving users alternative ways to receive your message
  • Making your content access-friendly to hearing-impaired users
  • Heightening user comprehension of your message
  • Improving search engine optimization
  • Translating them (adding subtitles) for international audiences
  • Silent viewing in sound-sensitive environments


If you’re a production agency making content on your clients’ behalves, using videos in-house for training, onboarding, and education, or creating videos for entertainment and any other purpose, ensure that they doubly impact your audiences by leveraging the power of video captions!




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