Typing Services, Word Processing, & Data Entry

Get PDFs, Hand-Written, & Hard Copy Documents in Digital Format

Do you have hand-written or printed hard copies of documents that you need in an editable, digital format? Ubiqus provides typing services in the form of word processing and data entry (text-to-text transcription) that can save you countless hours of typing and formatting. We type documents into a variety of file formats, including Word, Excel, .txt, .pdf, .rtf, and even your proprietary formats.

Many corporate clients, as well as universities, museums, writers, and government agencies have used our typing services for their word processing and data entry projects. We’ve helped solve various problems, including creating electronic text files of hard copies of manuals, legal documents, historical documents, personal letters, and transferring data from hand-written forms into electronic/digital files.





  • Why Ubiqus Qualifies
  • Our extensive network of typists and data entry personnel allows us to pair your project with the appropriate personnel who specialize in your project’s subject, handle large-volumed projects, as well as ensure tight deadlines are met.


  • In addition, Ubiqus can work from all types of media including standard, mini and micro cassettes, disks, video recordings and hard copy documents. We provide clients with a secure extranet that offers the convenience of uploading digital audio files and supporting documentation, and downloading completed projects.


  • Need Something Typed?
  • Ubiqus makes the process user-friendly and problem-free. Contact us and one of our account managers will assist you in finding the typing solution that meets your needs and budget.