What is the pricing method used to charge for medical transcripts?

Ubiqus charges by the hour of tape, to the nearest ten minutes. This billing structure means you will know exactly how much your project will cost before you agree to work with us.


Are your medical transcriptionists specialized?

Yes they are—our staff management database enables us to organize transcriptionists into competencies. In addition, Ubiqus transcriptionists are excellent generalists with an ear and an understanding for a wide range of subject areas, so they will be ready for whatever comes up in your audio. Our transcriptionists undergo a rigorous process of continuous testing, assessment and feedback that ensures a virtuous circle of continually improving document accuracy.


How can I send you my tapes or files?

Simply ship your tapes directly to us by your preferred method. See our locations here.

If you have digital files, our web-based, encrypted data transfer system enables you to upload your audio files quickly and securely to your job list.


Is there anything I should send with my audio?

There certainly is. It’s essential you provide any supporting information that is available, such as a participant list, agenda, PowerPoint presentations or meeting handouts.

A speaker identification list, which indicates the order in which delegates spoke in addition to their first few words at each instance of speaking, is also an excellent resource, one that will enable us to identify each speaker correctly. This is especially useful for focus groups where no video is available. Where video is available, ask your representative about our “speaker identification from video” service.


Do you use voice recognition software?

While voice recognition is an excellent technology, its use is normally limited to situations where the speaker trains the software to recognize the idiosyncrasies of their speaking style. Untrained voice recognition, or that applied to multi-speaker audio, introduces a sufficient level of error that transcripts produced in this way should be discarded and written again to ensure accuracy of content.


Where are your medical transcriptionists based?

We have transcriptionists in most major US cities. Transcriptionists and writers can attend client meetings, enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of your final document.


What are the advantages of having someone attend my medical event?

Attending the medical meeting is almost always a plus. It helps us to catch the essence of the meeting and follow the presentations (including slide shows) like any other participant.

We are also confident we can produce an excellent document of your event by working from a recording. It’s essential you provide any supporting information that is available, such as a participant list, agenda, PowerPoint presentation, or meeting handouts.