Medical & Pharmaceutical Transcription Services 

Serving Medical Firms, Conferences, Educational Organizations, & More

Ubiqus provides medical transcription for the world’s leading pharmaceutical firms, medical meeting planners, and continuing medical education organizations (CMEs), with services ranging from verbatim medical transcripts, interviews and patient sessions, to transcribing summaries for external and internal communications and publishing.

Our medical transcription service covers a range of fields and needs and, as a measure of quality and reassurance, our project managers work directly with you from start to finish. Ubiqus’ medical transcriptionists have extensive and specialized medical backgrounds, so through our extensive network of transcriptionists, we are able to pair your project with someone whose expertise is in your particular area of practice.

Whether you are holding an advisory board meeting, roundtable discussion, lecture, symposium, have office visits or panel discussions, Ubiqus is prepared to help document your occasion using the most qualified transcriptionists and current technology.



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