Why Choose Ubiqus for Your Transcripts?

It’s Simple…

  • Ubiqus offers a personal service, bolstered by technology. Thanks to a state-of-the-art CRM database, our customer service representatives can execute your urgent work orders accurately, in minutes.
  • It’s not just personal, but personalized. You dictate the turnaround time and delivery method.
  • We will work within your confidentiality requirements, or those of your end client, however demanding. We also offer a standard voluntary NDA.
  • We have operations across Europe, Canada, and the United States. In the US alone, we produce over 1 million words per day. Working with Ubiqus gives you access to considerable national and international resources.
  • We maintain a full range of professional video and audio equipment on site. We can work directly from almost any format (digital, VHS, DVD, MiniDV, DVCam, Beta, standard cassette, microcassette, Hi8, and others).
  • Our password-secured FTP site allows you to transmit your work to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.
  • Our timecoding service will save you precious editing-room hours.
  • By paying according to the number of minutes of audio, you know the final price up front.
  • At Ubiqus, we commit to unparalleled delivery of service in the events and documents industries through the following four core strengths: professionalism, quality of service, transparency, and technology.
  • We Never Fail to Deliver...


  • Professionalism


    Ubiqus is a mature, multinational enterprise with decades of experience in our industry, and commitment to its future.

    Through both acquisitions and organic growth, Ubiqus has expanded quickly over the last 20 years to comprise over 350 employees worldwide. Our diverse staff is rich in market experience and committed to fostering leadership in service delivery.

  • Ubiqus Quality of Service


    Through commonsense business practices, Ubiqus constantly improves quality of service to customers:

    Strong relationships with customers and a culture of updating our offering based on feedback and research ensure Ubiqus is sensitive to the needs of the marketplace, with an accurate understanding of customer appreciation levels. Our proprietary quality problem tool enables staff to highlight issues, both potential and real. The tool systematically enforces follow-up on each problem noted, progressively improving processes and reducing errors in service.

  • Transparency


    Ubiqus is an open, forward-looking business that rewards leadership, mutual respect and candor in its staff:

    When you entrust your project to us, you will have a team of Ubiqus experts working together for you, with an innate sense for achieving your objective, a watchful eye on efficiency, and the communication skills needed to keep all interested parties in synch.

  • Technology


    We have developed an evolving IT infrastructure that complements our organization to add value to projects and ensure on-time delivery:

    In the digital age, the value of technology cannot be understated. Keeping abreast of developments in technology is a constant imperative. Our internal processes and proprietary software reinforce the actions of our staff, forming a system of checks and balances that guides the evolution of each project. From quotation to completion, you will always know that your work is in safe hands and will be delivered to order.