Corporate Transcription & Typing Services

Transcription Services for a Range of Business Needs

Our corporate transcription service comprises all verbatim documents on any subject. We produce transcripts for production companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, market research firms, and the business needs of multinational corporations. No matter how complicated your job is, we are organized to handle it.

Our transcription-plus-timecoding services can help accelerate your video editing by 80%, enabling you to flip through a transcript to find quotes and, thus, save countless hours in post-production. Get in touch with us to find out more about our timecoded transcript options.

Ubiqus also offers transcription for legal and medical fields, as well as transcripts in languages other than English.

To accommodate other needs, we also provide summary documents tailored to suit your requirements.

Want to get the best possible quality of audio recording? See our audio recording tips.


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