Audio/Visual Services for Events & Meetings

Microphones, Audio & Video Recording, PA Systems, & More

For those in need of audio/visual services, such as video or sound recording of events, Ubiqus provides a range of services. From recording conference calls to live meetings, Ubiqus has a team of skilled technicians with a variety of digital and analog equipment, enabling us to provide an audio or video recording of any meeting or event.

Along with audio and video, our talented staff can provide additional on-site meeting support including (but not limited to): video projectors and screens, wired and wireless microphones (mics), public address (PA) systems, consensus voting systems, and state-of-the-art language interpretation equipment. Our quality microphone and PA systems guarantee a professional event. Whether used in association with interpretation equipment and services for a multilingual event or in support of a one-language presentation, Ubiqus’ extensive range of audio equipment from manufacturers such as Bosch, JBL, Listen Technologies, Sabine and Williams Sound ensures participants can hear every word spoken.

Should you require a more permanent solution to your audio/visual (A/V) needs, Ubiqus can help custom design a system to meet the required parameters. From multilingual services to boardroom microphone systems, Ubiqus will guide you through the purchase and ensure the equipment provides the services desired.

With top-of-the-line equipment and experienced technicians, Ubiqus can accommodate all of your requirements for live sound reinforcement, video presentation, multilingual support, or event archiving.

Interpretation Equipment Rentals & Sales

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Ubiqus makes the process simple and straightforward. Contact a specialist to assist in matching the appropriate equipment solution with your needs and your budget.