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For more than 20 years, LanguageWorks, a division of Ubiqus, has been continuously developing its linguistic and project-management expertise and service offerings with the goal of providing seamless, confidential support to law firms and in-house counsel. Our dedicated project managers are familiar with the nuances of legal transactions and they can effectively craft solutions to meet the foreign-language requirements of any international legal matter. You can also rest assured that our legal translation experts are bound by strict Confidentiality Agreements.

Certified Translation or FIPO Translation

LanguageWorks offers certified translations, which means that every translation undergoes a rigorous process involving a translator, editor and proofreader, each of whom must be native speakers of the target language involved and must have relevant legal expertise. 

When there is a large document collection that must be translated, particularly during the discovery process or to just simply understand the general gist of the material, we recommend our For Information Purposes Only (FIPO) translation service, which is very effective for quickly obtaining translations that will be undergoing attorney review. 

On-site Document Review & Other Services

Additionally, we supply translators on-site to assist with review and abstracting processes. A less expensive solution would be to provide the entire document collection to us, using our linguistic team to provide bibliographic data or abstracts of each document.

Interpretation Services & Equipment

We also provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for in-person multilingual legal matters. We work only with the most experienced court-certified interpreters who are familiar with legal settings and integrate seamlessly into your environment. Should you require interpretation equipment, we have a full line of rentals and sales, which can be accompanied by the support of an on-site technician.

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