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Interpretation Equipment Provided by Ubiqus USA


Translation Booths

Our fully enclosed translation booths (a.k.a. interpretation booths) are designed to work with most sizes and venue configurations, and can accommodate two or three interpreters. Our expert technicians assemble them in the configuration that best suits your event space.

When space is extremely limited, our table-top booths are just the right fit. At a size of 2’X4′, these booths can easily fit on just about any table and are able to provide sufficient sound proofing.

  • Enclosed booths are perfect for:
    • Large venues
    • Sound Isolation
  • Table-top booths are perfect for:
    • Confined meeting spaces
    • Quick room changes
  • Available For Sale Nationwide

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Enclosed Interpretation BoothTable-Top Interpretation Booth

Language Distribution Systems

The language control center connects to the interpreter’s station, which enables simultaneous transmission of up to 32 different languages, enabling the interpreters to seamlessly switch between their native tongue and the target language. This is often referred to as a relay system.

Our interpreter’s consoles offer the greatest versatility. With the press of a button, interpreters are able to change listening channels to any of the offered languages, ensuring that they catch every word.

  • Available For Sale Nationwide

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Multilingual Distribution SystemsMultilingual Distribution Interpretation System

Wireless Transmitters

Ubiqus offers both radio frequency (FM) and infrared (IR) language distribution systems and listening devices (receivers). The option of both systems means that your needs are easily adapted to and any venue transmission limitations are overcome. Our versatile transmitters accept many common inputs from microphones for direct voice input, connection to a sound board, or connection to an MP3 player for clear transmission and eliminating the need for loud-speakers. The volume controls provide as much or as little sound re-enforcement required for each individual.

  • Available For Sale Nationwide

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Wireless TransmittersWireless Interpretation Transmitters

Delegate Microphone Systems

Delegate microphones, also referred to as conference microphones or push-to-talk microphones, enable interactive discussions while maintaining order during your meeting or conference.

Our state-of-the-art microphone systems are equipped with built-in speakers for sound amplification, built-in microphone queuing systems, indicator lights to show active microphones, and limiter controls to limit the number of active microphones at any one time. Chairman’s microphones can be added so the main speaker can override all other microphones, helping to ensure a smooth, orderly discussion. Some key features are:

  • High quality sound
  • Microphone active indicator light
  • Easy connection to other audio systems
  • Built-in speakers with volume control
  • Internal queuing system
  • Easy set-up
  • Available For Sale Nationwide

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Delegate Microphone SystemsDelegate Mic Systems

Translation Headsets

Along with FM and infrared receivers, Ubiqus offers over-the-ear, single ear-piece, and dual-muff headphones to improve audio flexibility and ensure that your message is clearly relayed to attendees. Wireless receivers can also be used to provide listening assistance and, when combined with either a portable or a stationary transmitter, they act as personal public address systems with individual volume controls.

The combination of transmitter and receiver is perfect for listening assistance, “silent” discos, or closed PA systems. 

  • Available For Sale Nationwide

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Translation HeadsetsTranslation Headsets Interpretation

Ubiqus has more than 60 years of experience supplying state-of-the-art wireless translation equipment sales, conference systems, and interpreters. In order to ensure the successful outcome of your event, our consultants help you to select the best combination of equipment to accommodate the parameters of your occasion, including number of participants, venue size, location, and audio/visual components. Ubiqus provides a full line of simultaneous translation equipment for sale, including, but not limited to, the items above. Equipment sales are available nationwide and delivered within a 3-5 business days. Let us know how we can help! 

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