Why Choose Ubiqus for Language Interpretation?

It’s Simple…

  • Ubiqus has one of the largest interpretation equipment inventories in the United States, a team of on-staff veteran technicians, and the most experienced support staff in the industry.
  • We can provide simultaneous interpretation for multiple languages and events of hundreds or even thousands of participants just as well as for small focus or church groups with limited budgets.
  • We also have an extensive network of consecutive interpreters available for meetings, depositions, or escort work on short notice and almost every major city in the US.
  • At Ubiqus, we commit to excellence of service in the events industry through the following four core strengths: professionalism, quality of service, transparency, and technology.
  • We Never Fail to Deliver...


  • Professionalism


    Ubiqus is a professional, multinational business with decades of experience in these industries and a considerable stake in their future.

    Ubiqus has grown rapidly over the last 20 years to comprise over 350 employees worldwide. Our staff is rich in diversity and market experience and committed to delivering excellent service.

  • Ubiqus Quality Commitment


    Ubiqus Reporting, Inc. is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing high quality services in a professional manner. We achieve this through superior customer service, the expertise of our staff and the continuous improvement of our internal processes.

  • Transparency


    Ubiqus is an open, forward-looking business that rewards leadership, respect and candor in its employees:

    When you entrust your project to Ubiqus, you will have a team of Ubiqus representatives working together for you with an innate sense for accommodating your stated deliverables, a keen eye on efficiency, and the communication skills needed to keep all the stakeholders in step.

  • Technology


    We have developed an evolving IT infrastructure that complements our organization to add value to projects and ensure on-time delivery:

    Our internal processes and proprietary software reinforce the actions of our staff, forming an interlocking system of inherent checks and balances that guides the rollout of each project. From negotiation to completion, you will always know that your project is in safe hands and will be delivered to your satisfaction.