Simultaneous Interpreters for Every Occasion

Professional Interpretation Services & Interpreters for 130+ Languages

Simultaneous interpreters present the message from one spoken language to another in a clear and understandable manner. Working side-by-side or in teams of two or more, the interpreters take turns (e.g., 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off) speaking into microphones attached to interpretation equipment. The interpreted presentation is then immediately broadcasted to attendees listening on wireless receivers, sometimes with only a single word of delay.

Ubiqus assigns simultaneous interpreters according to language combination, cultural expertise, and field of interest so delegates can understand the information as if the event were conducted in their native language. With the aid of our experienced interpreters, equipment, and skilled technicians, Ubiqus ensures that your event flows smoothly and quickly.

With our extensive network of simultaneous interpreters, we also supply consecutive and professional telephonic interpretation for situations involving only two languages and requiring no equipment assistance.


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  • Our Interpreters are Adeptly Prepared for...
  • International Conferences

  • Global Summits & Meetings

  • Diplomatic Proceedings

  • Foreign Language Classroom Training

  • Financial Road Shows

  • Live Global Media Broadcasts

  • Congregations

  • Crescent Rounds

  • Business Negotiations

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Plant Tours & Site Visits

  • Workshops

  • Museums

  • Legal Proceedings

  • & More!



  • We Also Provide Interpretation Equipment!
  • Ubiqus tailors every meeting set-up to your specific needs including interpretation booths, delegate microphones, wireless receivers (headsets), technical support, and more so that everyone can easily understand and participate. Our technicians are on-site during your entire event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. For more details about what type of interpretation equipment is best suited for your needs, contact us for an estimate.


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  • Need a Simultaneous Interpreter?
  • Ubiqus makes the process user-friendly and problem-free. Contact us and one of our account managers will assist you in finding the interpretation solution that meets your needs and budget, along with identifying simultaneous interpreters who are fluent in your language combination and industry. Don’t leave your needs to chance; count on us to make your next occasion a success!

  • Simultaneous Interpretation has been the core business of Ubiqus’ Live Events division for more than 60 years. Our extensive experience, quality customer service, and expert interpreters bring demanding clients back to us time and again. As each event is unique, Ubiqus provides you with an interpretation solution customized to your specific needs and requirements.