Remote Interpretation Available!

If your meeting or event has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, Ubiqus now offers remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) software that provides safe, secure interpretation services in a remote environment. Click below to download an overview of our RSI capabilities.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Overview
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Interpretation Services for All Occasions & Industries

Interpretation in 130+ Languages for Conferences, Events, & More

If you are holding a bilingual or multilingual conference or event, then you likely need foreign language interpretation services to help you break through language barriers. We’ve helped hundreds of meeting planners, event coordinators, and individuals fulfill their multilingual needs in more than 130 languages across a multitude of industries.

Ubiqus has more than 60 years of experience supplying language interpretation, expert technicians, and interpretation equipment. Our services are catered according to your event’s parameters, including language combination, cultural expertise, and field of interest. This is the only way to ensure your event’s quality and value. Through our specialized approach, we assign the most qualified and experienced interpreter who is capable of understanding the underlying context of your conference or event.


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  • We Offer Various Types of Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous interpreters present the message from one spoken language into another in a clear and understandable manner. The interpreted presentation is then immediately broadcasted to attendees.


  • Consecutive Interpretation

    Consecutive interpreting occurs when the speaker pauses between thoughts so that the interpreter can convey the message to other individuals in attendance. The interpreter may interpret after every sentence or may take notes and then interpret one or two minutes of speech at once.


  • Telephonic Interpretation

    Telephonic interpretation is a form of consecutive interpretation done over the telephone through a dial-in account and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Interpretation Equipment

    Ubiqus supplies interpretation equipment, to include booths, conference microphones, delegate headsets, and all other required equipment to ensure that your event flows smoothly and efficiently. Our equipment can also be seamlessly combined with any other audio/visual services being provided for your occasion.

*Interpreters are bilingual by definition, but being bilingual just isn’t enough: our professional interpreters have invested years in training, practice, and education to reach Ubiqus’ standards for excellence.

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  • Need Interpretation Services?
  • Ubiqus makes the process user-friendly and problem-free. Contact us and one of our account managers will assist you in finding the interpretation solution that meets your needs along with interpreters who are fluent in your language combination and field of industry. Don’t leave your next meeting to chance; let our experience make the most of your next event.