CASE STUDY: Insurance Call Center – Transcription Service

Making High-Volume Transcription Requirements Easy to Manage.



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A major insurance company specializing in motor vehicle coverage.


The client’s call center receives 1,000+ car insurance claims daily. Each phone call is recorded on a digital server, hundreds of which are flagged as potential litigation matters often requiring an added measure of documentation in the form of a transcript.

They needed a comprehensive transcription solution that was not only expedient, but one that fit well into their budget, offered flexibility, ensured accuracy, and was secure.

Solution & Benefits

We proposed an end-to-end transcription solution that seamlessly absorbed even the most high-volume days without disrupting the client’s day-to-day claim administration process.

Put-into-effect, the proposed system enabled hundreds of daily flagged recordings to be securely and conveniently uploaded and retrieved by call center personnel at any time via Ubiqus’ extranet. After being transcribed by confidentiality- and NDA-bound transcriptionists, the insurance claims were delivered on schedule to the client in the form of a transcript.

With 3 flexible turnaround options: same-day, 24 hours, and 48 hours, simple file transferring and storage, accommodating rates, and around-the-clock access to Ubiqus’ secure extranet, the client’s goals were met, they forewent having a team of in-house transcriptionists, and cut yearly costs substantially.   

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