Management Team, Ubiqus USA

The Ubiqus staff is comprised of over 500 project managers, assistants, customer service representatives, transcriptionists, technicians, linguists,
and administrators, worldwide. All of our US-based managers and their teams are at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact them for assistance.

Name  Title  Email
Joanne Bove Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Cosimano Chief Operating Officer
Erich Huck Controller
Raymond Monette Vice-President – Information Technology
Kevin Hudson Managing Director – Translation Services
Stéphane Borello Managing Director – Transcription Services
Andy Ziats Production Director – Transcription Services
William Courtney West Coast Operations Manager – Transcription Services
Daniel Weigand Director of Business Development – Event Services
Bob Alfano Production Director – Event Services
Danielle Shavell Quality Assurance & Vendor Manager
Cherrell Paige Marketing Manager
Elizabeth Cook Human Resources Manager