Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

NMT & NLP Innovators & Experts

In 2016, Ubiqus began building proprietary neural machine translation (NMT) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) engines and using them in daily operations.

Now, firmly positioned at the forefront of linguistic systems development and artificial intelligence (AI), from the OpenNMT project to tools currently on the market, Ubiqus has made a name for itself in the realms of neural machine translation and natural language processing (NLP). These technologies are heavily influencing the industry’s evolutionary trajectory and, through them, the company has diversified and amplified its portfolio of offerings.

Advanced Word Sequence Predictions

NMT is a method of machine translation that relies on an artificial neural network to predict and model word sequences and sentences. The automated nature of NMT makes it significantly cost- and time-effective and highly efficient for large volumes of content.

Accuracy & Immediacy

One of the greatest benefits of NMT is the ability to produce immediate results in real time, which is especially useful for projects requiring rapid turnarounds with high degrees of accuracy.


OpenNMT Pioneers

The OpenNMT Project

OpenNMT is an open-source framework for neural machine translation and neural sequence modeling.

Pioneering Contributors
  • Harvard University
  • Ubiqus
State-of-the-Art Resource

Since its launch in December 2016, OpenNMT has become the second-largest open-source NMT project with 73 major releases, 4,326 stars and 1,600 forks on GitHub, and 6 full code refactorings.