Paving the Way to the Future

Industry-Leading Research & Development

With factors steering market demand, such as the needs for business globalization, content consumability and localization, and cross-platform access to linguists and tools in real time, buyers are more informed and selective about their project needs. This means that suppliers are driven to become more innovative, offer more-evolved solutions, and invest more in research and development. In alignment with the pace of the industry and buyers’ increasingly sophisticated expectations, Ubiqus has immersed itself in first-hand research and continues to explore intelligent ways to meet the requirements of modern buyers across the globe.

Reflecting the Group’s research-intensive nature, Ubiqus’ holding company, Financière du Caroubier, has recently rebranded to Ubiqus Labs: a solid indicator of the organization’s standing in the industry not only as a leading service provider, but as an established research center and partner to industry developers.

“More than ever, Ubiqus is making strides in the development of new proprietary tools and technology – undertakings that are met with steadfast commitments to client satisfaction, process excellence, and diversity in our offerings. We are incredibly optimistic about how these strides will continue to propel our growth globally and look forward to breaking new ground as we scale in-house innovation and present top-of-the-line solutions for clients’ ever-more complex and diverse requirements.” — Anthony Cosimano, CEO, Ubiqus USA

A Rich History of In-House Innovation 

Ubiqus is not new to systems development; this characteristic has been at the company’s core from its earliest days, starting with in-house-developed CRMs and workflow management platforms, client collaboration portals, and asset repositories. These proprietary systems are secured, high-powered networks, quality controlled, and ensure that projects, sensitive data, assets, and workflows remain protected and perform optimally 24/7/365.

A history rich in systems development and innovation has created a firm foundation for Ubiqus’ positioning in the industry today.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Firmly positioned at the forefront of linguistic systems development and artificial intelligence, from the OpenNMT project to tools currently on the market, Ubiqus has made a name for itself in the realms of neural machine translation (NMT) and natural language processing (NLP): technologies that continue to influence the industry’s evolutionary trajectory.


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) continues to evolve and Ubiqus’ research and development team has made it a priority to contribute to its progress and direction in the industry. This advanced technology, used to transcribe spoken words into written text, makes it possible to produce transcripts of very high quality, quickly, and with higher degrees of confidentiality.