Ubiqus Is an Ethical Corporate Citizen

We Take Our Green Initiative to Heart

As a leader in language, transcription, and event services, we understand the impact that can be made by conserving resources and bringing greater awareness to our clients about our ecological impact. We strive to maintain corporate social responsibility by integrating our dedication to our clients’ needs with the needs of the environment.

The Ubiqus Green Team was formed by a group of environmentally-conscious Ubiqus employees who recognized that there were areas in which our organization could reduce our carbon footprint. This team consists of members from every department at Ubiqus. The team meets regularly to collaborate on new initiatives for the organization and to engage the entire staff in pursuing our green goals. Along with improving our internal processes, the Green Team also provides information on opportunities in which staff members can participate to improve the environment beyond our office walls. In 2010, a group of Ubiqus employees volunteered to plant more than 200 trees in Flushing, Queens as part of the MillionTreesNYC program.

Since the team’s inception, Ubiqus has improved significantly in-house recycling practices, created an office energy conservation program, and looked into ways to reduce paper waste internally and externally. We work regularly with clients to decrease their reliance on printed documents, thereby saving paper and reducing energy consumed in printing and delivery. UbiqusUbiqus is Green has consulted with many clients during their upgrades to new technology to assist them in eliminating the use of unneccesary tapes, packaging materials and shipping. These activities aimed at reducing consumption and disposal are also very cost-effective, and the savings are passed along to our clients.

Ubiqus continues to develop innovative products and services for our clients while remaining committed to reducing our ecological imprint.

If you would like to know more about our green initiatives or if you are a client interested in going green, please call 212-346-6666 or contact us.


  • What We Already Do
  • Printing


    We provide digital upload services, which require less paper materials and shipping. We print our transcripts on post-consumer recycled paper and we encourage double-sided printed transcripts when printed copies are required

  • Supplies


    We recycle paper, cans, batteries, and electronics, reuse envelopes and other office supplies, reduce the use of disposable products in the office, and purchase recycled and/or environmentally-friendly cleaning products.