About Ubiqus

Ubiqus is a global leader in language, transcription, and event services with industry-leading divisions in the fields of translation, language interpretation, transcription of audio and video, audience polling, audio recording, and event badges. Through the integration of 23 companies across North America and Europe, and the ability to extend service coverage and flexibility globally, Ubiqus has been a partner to more than 24,000 clients worldwide.

Market-Leading Divisions

Ubiqus pioneered the added value summary document and has since developed market-leading divisions in the fields of translation, interpreting, verbatim transcription, foreign language transcription, audience response (keypad and mobile polling), audio recording, and event badges.

Expert Teams & Steadfast Service

Our staff has extensive experience and training to ensure ease of project management, cultural sensitivity, and seamless service integration for any event or offering. Language services are only performed by native speakers of the target or dominant language and technicians undergo strict testing and training procedures prior to supporting any client on site.

The 2014 acquisition of premier translation firm, LanguageWorks,  fortified Ubiqus’ position in the United States language service market and was a pivotal success for the Group globally. Leading the U.S. translation division, LanguageWorks’ translators and cultural experts deliver unparalleled cross-cultural communication services and partnership to Ubiqus clients everywhere.

Equipped for Current Technological Needs

Developments in technology and networks mean that the communications needs serviced by Ubiqus are constantly evolving. We understand the importance of adapting our business to new technologies and markets while ensuring that consistent and high quality service is delivered to customers. Proprietary quality control and feedback systems ensure early warning and resolution of potential issues, enabling us to modify and strengthen our offering without compromising reliability and quality.

Committed to process excellence and meeting the changing requirements of buyers worldwide, Ubiqus has immersed itself in industry research and development.


  • Our Commitment to Quality
  • Ubiqus Reporting, Inc. is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing high quality services in a professional manner. We achieve this through superior customer service, the expertise of our staff and the continuous improvement of our internal processes.

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